Theory Worksheets


Graded theory worksheets for all levels are available for purchase. Worksheet levels correspond to the levels of the Student Achievement Testing given annually by the Michigan Music Teachers Association. (Please note that, despite this correlation, these worksheets are produced by David Husser and are not an official publication of MMTA.)


Each level of worksheets contains 24 pages. Three introductory pages define concepts, terms, and symbols, and give examples of the required elements. The seven following pages are each dedicated to practicing one or two specific elements (rhythm, scales, chords, transposition, etc.). The final pages are a set of two-page practice tests modeled on those encountered at Student Achievement Testing.


Each level of worksheets is $25 and can be purchased here via PayPal. Once the payment process is complete, users will gain access to a downloadable PDF file that can be printed and copied an unlimited number of times for use in the purchaser's studio.


A sample of the Level 3 worksheets (previewing 7 of the 24 pages) is available here.