Studio Policies (2019)

Tuition and Fees
Tuition may be paid monthly, quarterly (three times a year), or yearly. If the monthly payment option is chosen, tuition is due by the 10th of the month. Invoices will be emailed on the first of the month for the current month’s tuition, music, and fees. If the quarterly or yearly option is chosen, a tuition invoice will be sent every three months; any music and fees will be charged on a separate monthly invoice. I reserve the right to assess a $20 late fee for payments that are not made by the 10th of the month. There is a $20 fee for checks returned by the bank for nonpayment.

Extra lessons, coachings, rehearsals, recording sessions, etc., may be scheduled as time allows. These lessons will be billed at the current hourly rate. Tuition fees will not be prorated for missed lessons or classes.

The registration fee is due in September with the first month's tuition. This fee covers instructional materials for the year, such as theory sheets, sight reading material, software, and supplies.

Attendance and Rescheduling Policy
The lesson time reserved for you is scheduled for the school year. Students are expected to attend each scheduled lesson. Time reserved for each student’s private lesson is reserved for their exclusive use.

If you need to reschedule a lesson for any reason (illness, schedule conflict, weather, etc.), please notify me as soon as possible before the lesson. I will try to accommodate you, but rescheduling cannot be guaranteed. If a rescheduled time can’t be found during the term, the lesson will be postponed until one of the makeup lesson days at the end of the term. Any additional cancelled lessons will not be carried over to the next term. No credit will be given for missed lessons. Lessons missed without prior notification will not be rescheduled.

Students are also expected to attend every studio class and all recitals and other events in which they have been scheduled to perform. Classes and recitals provide valuable musical experience that cannot be made up. If you are unable to attend a class or recital, please notify me as soon as possible.

Note that lesson times cannot be extended to compensate for early arrivals or tardiness. Please drop off and pick up students promptly.

Parents are invited to observe lessons at any time, and may be asked to sit in on the lesson at various times in the student’s development. Parents and siblings who are also taking lessons are welcome to wait in the foyer during the lesson; however, as this is also a home, I ask for your consideration in the following:

   • No food or drink (including gum and candy) in the studio or the house
   • Keep children in the foyer area only
   • Remove shoes and boots at the door

Please be mindful of the fact that the studio is a business located in a residential neighborhood; as such, outdoor noise and activity should be kept to a minimum.

Hand Care
Short fingernails are crucial for proper piano technique. Please make sure that students come to lessons with fingernails trimmed and clean hands. Students are encouraged to use the sink to wash their hands before lessons.

Supplies and Music
Students should bring a notebook to lessons to record assignments and instructions. Please make sure that all books and materials are brought to every lesson. Students will eventually be asked to purchase a metronome for use in practice.

I will purchase music for you and add it to your invoice. I will do my best to keep your expenses reasonable while providing the necessary materials for quality instruction.

A good quality instrument in good working condition is essential for progress in learning the piano. It is expected that the student’s piano be maintained in good repair with regular tunings and service.

The study of piano requires a commitment by the student and parents to consistent, daily, dedicated practice. Practice time each day should be at least equivalent to the length of the weekly lesson. Piano study is rewarding and enjoyable; however, it is also hard work! Parents of young children may need to help to structure the practice time; often, dividing it into smaller lengths of time two or three times a day will be helpful. Most children will need help with maintaining a regular practice schedule. Making practice part of the daily household routine is the most effective way of ensuring that the practice requirement is met.

Enrollment for lessons or classes may be requested at any time. Interviews are required to determine acceptance, placement, and curriculum. Beginners are accepted pending an initial interview.

Students wishing to withdraw may at any time give one month’s notice to withdraw. Students are responsible for tuition payment for one month from the withdrawal notice.

Enrollment may be terminated for the following reasons:

   • Repeated failure to attend/prepare lessons
   • Chronic rescheduling of lessons
   • Behavior or attitude problems
   • Nonpayment of tuition or fees, or chronically late payment of tuition or fees

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your piano instruction, please do not hesitate to call or email me, or talk to me briefly at the beginning of the lesson time. Messages may be left on my voicemail at any time. I look forward to working with each of you and your children.